Mathias "Flenarn" r. Dejerud

Project Lead

Welcome to hell - I am the ferryman and you know what? I'll drop you off right here.

Flen keeps things operational and less chaotic than they would be otherwise. The Creation Kit is his domain, he resides in the eternal darkness of Sweden.




A self-taught freelance artist, working in the video game industry. He did his education in visual communication / advertising then in Web development while improving art skills.

In the team since June 2016 as a concept artist, he took the head of the team after the departure of the leader who no longer had enough time to devote to the project.

Specialised in creating interior & exteriors environments, using both 2D and 3D (mainly Photoshop and Blender software).

He tries to manage the team despite his French accent and cat pictures.↗︎


Jake Ggutu

Co-Lead Concept Artist

Self-taught in the ways of digital art. Jake has used his skills in a variety of ways in the field of freelance. Illustrations, storyboarding, and graphic design is the key areas he has mastered. At the start of summer, Jake wanted to get his foot into video game scene. The idea of working with a team is something he’s never experienced. Working his way up Jake has been labelled Co-Lead aside the very skilled Matthieu Findinier. They have produced great work together.



Emil "duKe" Nymann

lead asset creator

Emil is a self-taught hardsurface artist with a great interest in the underlying systems of real-time rendering. Formally educated in web-design, he is now going for a bachelor's degree in Software Development."


Steven "Spooknik" Phillips

Co-lead asset creator

Self-taught modeler and texture artist with focus on Substance materials. 4 years experience modding Bethesda games.  Holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management Anthropology and is pursuing a Master's in Game Design. Believer that 'classic' RPG's are the best genre of game and everyone should be forced to play them.


Dominic “Kris” Hill

Lead Level Designer

An aspiring level designer for the game industry and is currently enrolled in game development to further his practical skills and working for cascadia to enhance his design and team-building skills. He joined the team in July of 2016 and took the mantle of lead level designer when the role needed to be filled and has directed the world and map since.



Julian "rdtg" Uccetta

co-lead level designer

Electrical engineering student and long time Fallout fan from way back, Julian's first experience with Fallout modding was the exciting release of the Fallout 3 GECK. He has several years experience in level design, story development and minor scripting. He recently joined the Fallout Cascadia team and quickly worked his way up to co-lead level designer, keeping Dominic in check.

Dylan "Jonesy" Jones

Lead Scripter

This is Jason, aka Jonesy. He has have always had a passion and love for Bethesda games and the Fallout series. He's have been working in all forms of the Creation Kit since Oblivion. His favorite Fallout game is and will always be Fallout 3 (We have no clue why, don't ask).

"Never put wine into old bottles."

Wictor L. Holmberg

Co-Lead Writer, Story-writer

Wictor, or Wic, joined the project in September 2015 as a world builder and writer. In January of 2016, he was chosen to write the main story of the mod, after writing a proposal based upon a civil war between two polarised militias. Wic loves making original characters, creating emotional stories and bringing up subjects that video games normally don’t touch upon.

Wictor is currently studying to become a teacher in Swedish and English literature, but his dream of working with video games lives on. His knowledge of storytelling, story structures and fictional characters are big sources of inspiration for his writing. Working with his collaborator Caleb Boteilho, Wic is creating a story that feels unique and original, that also stays true to the iconic universe of the Fallout franchise.↗︎


Shaun "Shaunzy Bombzy" Roland

Voice Acting and Sound Director

Shaun Roland is an American voice actor, musician and he is host of the hit YouTube show   The Bombshell Brother, he would like to specify that the word "hit" is used incredibly loosely.


Alex Ballantyne


Alex is the creative director of Fallout Cascadia and the initial organizer since day one. He has several years of experience in many creative fields, everything from 3D modelling to music production. His mastery of multiple creative disciplines has given him the ability to create very polished projects whilst working solo. Although he is currently in school, he works as often as he can on Fallout Cascadia whenever he has time available.↗︎


level designers


  • Carlos Lugo

  • Ian "Hagu"

  • Mickey

  • Unoctium

  • Morgan Dusatko

  • Ryan

  • Shawn

  • Andrew Gaines

  • Huntee

  • Caleb

  • Shaundaws

  • John "DunceCapn"

  • CameraCon

  • Crunchwrap

  • FalloutDovakiin

  • PrinceChawnub

  • Gatorfolk

  • Dawsy

  • Berdusk

CONCEPTs & graphics

Environmental artist

video editor

asset creators