January 2017 Development Update

Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the Fallout Cascadia monthly update. Some very exciting things have happened over the past month, notably a vegetation overhaul created to better capture the look of the Seattle area, as well as some of the first quests being implemented by the scripting team.

Level Design

Continuing on as usual the level design team has been working on adding more content to the southern portion of the map. Several new interiors have been added, and we’ve made a big stride forward in properly implementing navmeshing in our workflow. A small number of the level design team has begun blocking out Downtown Seattle, laying foundations of the team’s work in that area at a later date, which we hope to be able to show you sometime later this year. As always, Level Design continues to be one of our areas most in need of manpower, so we’d like to ask that anyone familiar with the Creation Kit or level design in general to consider applying. 


A shot of dock on the outskirts of Seattle

The same location from a different angle



Thanks to the addition of a foliage specialist (thanks Doodlez!) we’ve managed to start overhauling the flora of Fallout 4, bringing us even closer to both the look of the Seattle area, as well as a properly “post-post-apocalyptic” setting. By working with a greener palette, we intend to show the slow progress of the wasteland from ruin to civilization. Currently we in the early stages of this overhaul, meaning we would like to note that even better work is still to come. We would like to thank frogprincessQ4, 83Willow, macintroll, tookiejones and printerkop for allowing us to use some of their assets in Fallout Cascadia. We would also like to ask that anyone who believes they can help in this area to please consider applying for a position on the team. 


A sampling of our foliage retextures



A few members of our scripting team have been working hard over the past week or two to implement the first main quest of Fallout Cascadia. Thanks to the efforts of these team members, we now have the game functioning such that pressing “New Game” on the main menu will properly begin Fallout Cascadia, complete with character creation. This is a big first step on our journey to implementing the entire main quest.



The Asset team has been assisting both the level design and scripting teams in creating objects to make the opening of the game feel more unique, as well as creating modular assets for use throughout the entire mod. We also have a work-in-progress gun model from team member WastelandMelody (pictured below). 


Photographic Reference

Concept Art

Work-in-progress model


Concept Art

The concept art team continues to work diligently, laying out the foundations of Fallout Cascadia’s visual style.


A beach located on the outskirt of Seattle


A view of the Space Needle from downtown



Unfortunately due to the nature of their work, updates from the writing team will slowly become less frequent over time. However we would like to assure everyone that they are working as hard as ever on Cascadia’s story. Currently, the team is slowly settling in to laying out quest structures and events, and how they fit into the main story.

Happy new year from everyone on the Fallout Cascadia team. As always, we look forward to sharing our work with you over the coming year. Let’s make it a good one.