March 2017 Development Update

Welcome to the March 2017 development update for Fallout Cascadia. As always we have been working hard to bring Fallout Cascadia closer to completion. This month has been a bit different for the team and especially the leads. Our team reached a staggering 70 members quite recently so a lot of effort has been put into organizing the team as much as possible, we’ve assigned a PR manager, Dustin, he will be the person replying to comments, messages and doing a lot of updates on our social media. We’ve also been in contact with a few Youtubers so you can expect a video or two coming out about the project in the not too distant future.

Asset Department

We are still milling through creations and here is a mix of planes, trains & first nations masks.

Concept Art

The concept art team as usual has been busy cooking up crazy and wonderful concepts for the game, lately the focus has been on weapons and creatures.

First on the list we have what we call “The Wizard”, a home-brewed pinball weapon!

As far as creatures go, we’ve got a big batch of them being worked on, but we will only show off one today; a mash-up of the wanamingo from Fallout 2 and the concept art version of it made for Fallout 3. Isn’t he cute?

We also want to portay a different downtown from the one we were faced with in Fallout 4 , here is some concept art that they wizards have been cooking up.

Level Design

The level design team continues its work implementing the world of Cascadia. Lately they’ve been focusing on creating many interior locations. The team continues to work on providing interesting combat spaces and environments for the player to explore.

The other teams, including the writing and sound/music teams are continuing their work at a steady pace as well. Unfortunately we are unable to show off their work this month for one reason or another. Be assured that they continue to contribute important work to Fallout Cascadia.

Of course, we wish to thank all of you for your support and interest in Fallout Cascadia. We’ve been working hard for over a year now, and we have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Until next month!