Fallout Cascadia is an upcoming modification to Bethesda's Fallout 4, it will function as a new game every step along the way. Fallout Cascadia takes the player back to the west coast and is geographically centered around Seattle, Washington. It will feature a new worldspace comparable to the one in Fallout 4, a new branching mainquest, new factions, weapons, armors, a new protagonist (who is yet to be revealed) as well as much more, it will be nothing short of a new entry into the Fallout franchise.

When will this be released?

This is something impossible to say as our team is based on a volunteer basis. We are working after a set internal date but we don't have anything to announce to the public for a while. 

Will I be able to run Fallout Cascadia?

Any machine that can run Fallout 4 on medium will be able to run Fallout Cascadia. We make sure to optimize and configure our assets, worldspaces and interiors for performance, without loss of quality. Closer to release we will be able top answer this better.

Will this mod come to CONSOLES?

We would love it to but it is sadly not possible, we take use of the Fallout 4 Script Extender(F4SE)

Do i have to start a new game?

Yes, Fallout Cascadias story, world, characters and more are completely separate from Fallout 4, just like our main protagonist. We also do a lot of changes to various gameplay mechanics which means earlier saves would break.

How much will Fallout Cascadia cost?

Fallout Cascadia will be a free, total-conversion mod. Bethesda's paid mods program was discontinued earlier in 2015 and it is unclear if it will return. We have already made the decision that we will not participate in that program if it returns. Fallout Cascadia will be forever free.

Will this be lore friendly?

We have done extensive research into the lore of Fallout and we are following all the canon lore established by previous games. We've also looked at lore considered non or semi-canon and worked with it to fit some of it into our own. Within the team there's been extensive writing to fill in the gaps and bring a whole new world to you.