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We at Fallout Cascadia is currently seeking individuals with gamedesign aspirations or experience in the professional or mod community. We are a non-profit project. In the industry having a working game that showcases your talents and ability to work with a team is extremely valuable. Still, keep in mind, we're not experts. There's no crazed wunderkid behind the wheel that pulls all the strings. We are all individually talented in our various fields but this is a team project, everyone is taking their talent and adding it to the greater whole!


special - icon animator

We are looking for anyone who can use and is efficient in Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animator to animate and render UI icons/perks/traits in .swf format. You need to be confident in being able to replicate and maintain the artstyle of the icons for perks/traits in previous Fallout games!

creation kit

+ Level Designers

Help form the world of Fallout Cascadia through the use of the Creation Kit, build interiors, exteriors, create dungeons, memorable locations, all that makes a Fallout game unique.

Please note that this position requires that you own Fallout 4 and it's DLCs Far Harbor, Nuka World and Vault-Tec Workshop on PC.

+ Gameplay Programmers

Gameplay programmers should already have at least a basic knowledge of Papyrus and be confident in creating new scripts in their environment of coice (Sublime Text 3, Atom, Notepad++).

Scaleform/ActionScript 3 knowledge is not required, but is definitely a plus.

Please note that this position requires that you own Fallout 4 plus the DLCs Far Harbor, Nuka World and Vault-Tec Workshop on PC.

art and design

+ 3D Artists

We are looking for artists that combine wide technical knowledge with a deep understanding of the artistic direction of Fallout 4.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a strong skillset in one or more artistic areas - organic, hardsurface, animation, etc.
  • Is comfortable with adapting their workflow to the needs of the team.
  • Can work independently but also take directions.
  • Is capable of communicaing and working with team member from the other departments.

Familiatiry with one or more of the following is a requirement:

  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Zbrush

As well as:

  • Substance Painter
  • Quixel
  • Photoshop

Experience with either the Creation Kit and Nifskope is a plus but not a requirement.

+ Concept Artists

We are looking for concept artists to bring the ideas and visions of Fallout Cascadia into life, help design moodboards, weapons and armor art, location and level art for our level designers to base their work on.

+ Graphic Designers

We are looking for graphical designers to help create posters for in-game use, PR material, Vault-Boy icons in the artistic style of earlier Fallout games and much more!

Please not that all work in this department must be digital as a majority of it is for in-game use.

If you feel like you could be of use in any department send us an email!

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